Some important updates and notes regarding communication access today, June 6, 2018:

  • FCC VOTES TO “STRENGTHEN AND SUSTAIN” IP CAPTIONED SERVICE - I am not a lawyer, but the way I read this is that the FCC reaffirms the importance of IP Relay (which I would agree with! Highly underutilized!) AND lowers the billable rate for companies who provide relay services. Similar to Video Relay Service rates, the FCC keeps trying to trim the rates down. I’ll be honest and say that I’m not an expert in the TRS business enough to know if the current or proposed rates are appropriate.

  • Without Interpreters, California’s Deaf Prisoners Are Getting Stuck Behind Bars - in many ways, California is progressive and inclusive. Los Angels, the city, even has their own Department on Disability that has significant influence on access to services and emergency management. However, when it comes to the sheriff’s departments, police officers, jail, prison, or other court and law enforcement— California has a long way to go. This article smacks of the exact same things I heard, read, and saw when I lived in California and fought for communication access.

Emory David Dively

Emory is an NIC: Master ASL interpreter, has operated small and large agencies, and consulted with agencies across the US. He has an MA in Communication & Leadership from Gonzaga University.