Here are a few things in the news today

  • Gallaudet's Clerc Center, in partnership with CSD Fremont and academics nation-wide, publish new standards for teaching ASL to children K-12, to ensure proper language development. Hoping to put ASL and English on equal footing for bi-bi students.
  • ALDI launches a new commercial, entirely in sign language, for the UK’s Deaf Awareness Week. A first for ALDI.
  • A new marketplace research report came out examining TRS (telephone relay service) and the dominant players in that business. With Real-Time Text on the verge of going mainstream, and TRS’ benefits to DeafBlind users, expect to see this market stay strong for the foreseeable future.

Emory David Dively

Emory is an NIC: Master ASL interpreter, has operated small and large agencies, and consulted with agencies across the US. He has an MA in Communication & Leadership from Gonzaga University.